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blog entrySurprise: Happy Birthday Albert! sh137 years 29 weeks ago5
blog entryCoastal zone Lee07 years 31 weeks ago2
blog entrymemory chain Lee07 years 31 weeks ago1
blog entryBeauty of uncertainty Lee37 years 31 weeks ago1
blog entryMichael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture ON TED Rob G07 years 32 weeks ago1
blog entry"Ya buy 'em the books, ya send 'em to school, and whatta they do? They eat the pages..." zen puppy37 years 33 weeks ago2
blog entryRipples Anonymous77 years 33 weeks ago4
blog entryQuality of understanding Lee47 years 33 weeks ago3
blog entryWriting practice Lee27 years 34 weeks ago2
blog entryevolutionary panentheism? henry glenn97 years 35 weeks ago4
blog entryA good one Rob G27 years 35 weeks ago1
blog entryAnti anxiety med Lee27 years 35 weeks ago2
blog entrySoundcheck Lee27 years 35 weeks ago2
blog entryBreathing practice Lee07 years 37 weeks ago2
blog entryAustin journal part one Lee07 years 38 weeks ago1
blog entryKT before the show Lee07 years 38 weeks ago1
blog entryHappy Easter; Farewell Sai Baba; a non related cool little video; Happy Passover (last Sun....) And a general Hi Rob G07 years 38 weeks ago2
blog entryFostering... Kristy Bliss27 years 39 weeks ago4
blog entryI'm Not Lost, I Am Exploring zen puppy07 years 39 weeks ago2
blog entryIt's Spring and I'm Gonna Soak Up the Sun! zen puppy17 years 39 weeks ago4
blog entryMeditation at 7:30 p.m. worldwide connect with all Meditators everywhere...all accepted & cherished! Rob G07 years 39 weeks ago1
blog entryMidnight mile Lee07 years 40 weeks ago1
blog entryConnection Marcie07 years 40 weeks ago1
blog entryRecent move Marcie07 years 40 weeks ago3
blog entryBattle of evermore Lee47 years 40 weeks ago2