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Brazilian-born in 1972, Andrea was a workscholar and a tentscholar in Farm and Garden between April and November of 2002. In December she completed a four-week training in Esalen massage. Then, after altogether seven years in California, Andrea returned to her hometown Sao Paulo at the end of 2002.

American-born in 1955, Andy spent what he “more or less always described as ‘the best two years’”of his life at Esalen. In 1996 and 1997 he was a workscholar, an apprentice, and an extended student in the Kitchen. Andy, who pioneered this Guide, passed away in summer of 2004.

Belgian-born in 1964 and currently living in Brussels, Anna spent her first day at Esalen in 1995 and came back for a massage intensive in 1997. In 1998 and 1999 she stayed ten months as a Zero covering for extended students. Anna left Esalen twice after prolonged stays, the first time in 1999, the second time, after staying three more months, in August 2001.

German- born in 1961, Gerlinde is a dental technician and a German-trained Gestalt therapist. Gerlinde was a workscholar in Maintenance in January and in July through August 2002. Originally from Cologne, Gerlinde now lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her American husband Louie, whom she met at Esalen.

American-born in 1969, Janet was at Esalen between summer 2002 and summer 2003. She ended her time as an extended student in the Kitchen after eight months, when a serendipitous job offer came her way. Subsequently she moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where she works for the World Health Organisation, a branch of the United Nations.

English, living in the Greater London Area, born in 1964, Katrina was at Esalen from June 2001 through December 2002, working in the Garden as a workscholar, tentscholar, and an extended student.

American-born in 1968, Lilly worked as an extended student at the Office from 1998 until 2000. She currently lives in Japan, together with her husband Fred, whom she met at Esalen. They have a baby daughter.

Japanese-born in 1978 and currently living in Kyoto, Maiko was a work scholar in Cabins in October 2002. And from October until January 2004, she worked in Cabins for her first two months and then in the Garden.

Danish-born in 1968, Marie currently lives in Copenhagen, where she offers Esalen massage. Marie was a workscholar in the Kitchen in November 2001; in Cabins in January and February 2002; and in the Garden in March 2002. After returning to Denmark for a year, Marie came back to California in May 2003 for a five-month stay at the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in Sausalito. During this time, she visited Esalen several times for massage seminars.

American-born in 1961, Mel (also called Captain Klug by some of us) was at Esalen from January 2001 to December 2002 as an extended student at the Gate. Mel presently lives in Saint Louis, Missouri, where she offers Esalen Massage. She thinks of moving to the Big Sur area.

German-born in 1957 and living in Freiburg, close to the Black Forest, Sigrid was a workscholar in the Garden in October/November of 2001, and again between January and March 2002. 

Brazilian-born in 1957, formerly from Rio de Janeiro, Solange was at Esalen from October 2000 until November 2002, first as a workscholar and then as a supervisor in Cabins. After that Solange lived in the Bay Area and studied at the California Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS, until 2004. She now makes her home in Los Angeles, importing artwork from Brazil.

German-born in 1973, Tina was an extended student in the Kitchen from October 2002 until October 2003. Formerly from the German spa Wiesbaden, Tina now lives in the United Kingdom with her English husband, whom she met at Esalen. Since the summer of 2004 they are proud parents of a baby boy.

Some Esalen folks know him by the name of Rasheed. He was born in Germany in 1968. Since his early childhood, he lived in Switzerland (presently in Winterthur, canton Zurich). From 1999 to 2001, Tobias was a workscholar and extended student in Grounds. Since his return from Esalen, Tobias runs his own team-development, seminar, and mediation business.

German-born in 1956, Udo spent September and October of 2000 as a workscholar in Cabins. And from November 2001 until November 2002 he first was a workscholar in Cabins, then a workscholar and tentscholar at Farm and Garden. He lives and works in Stuttgart as a freelancer for public radio.

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