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Site Content

Vision for Site Content:

  1. To co-create content resources with and for the community that will help benefit each person's growth, humanity, and connection with other members of the community.
  2. To provide interactive content opportunities, especially for community members who may be coping with difficult transitional moments in life.
  3. To help the members of the community recognize that we are all students and that we are all teachers.
  4. To highlight the ongoing work and educational contributions from members of the community.
  5. To avoid over-intellectualization, gossip, and advice-giving --- "elephantshit, chickenshit, and bullshit" (colorful language courtesy of Fritz Perls :-) )
  6. To encourage, by example, a community ethic of speaking from one's deepest truth.

Overall, there will be an emphasis on empowerment, personal growth, authentic contact, and soulful depth.