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First and foremost I would like to thank the late Andy Glazer, who pioneered this initiative. During staff week of 2001 he wrote the first “Guide for Transitioning Out of Esalen” that is on record at the institute. If there were other, similar guides in the more than 40 years of history of Esalen, they must have been lost.

Of course, my heartfelt appreciations go out to all the contributors to this guide, to our “weather-report-circle” that spans almost the entire globe: from Kyoto, Japan to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA to Copenhagen, Denmark. Thank you all dearly for taking the time to dive into your memories and for writing it all down! It is our joint wish to carry on Andy‘s vision of lending a hand to people who go through possibly dire straits after leaving Esalen.

Brooke Deputy, Esalen‘s extended student coordinator, and Mary Anne Will and K Mello from the Work Study program, helped to send out emails to hundreds of former Esalenites and were very helpful and supportive with this project. Katrina Dunbar, in her busy, beaming life, gracefully took the time to cast a native speaker’s eye on the text. K Mello also put her editor’s eye to the task. And I would like to thank my friend, Jim Telfer, in Freedom, California. In the turmoil of my own transition I had written him an email, saying something in the sense of, “It would be so good to have a guide that brings together the experiences of several people!” I had just meant this as a passing remark, a nice idea to think about from a safe distance. A few weeks later Jim wrote back, “Udo, you’re the man to do it!” Thanks for the kick in the butt, Jim!

Last but certainly not least - and in the names of all the contributors - I would like to thank the place, the people, and the spirit - or prana or chi or whatever you wish to call it - of Esalen! Our time there, with its wealth of encounters, experiences, and insights, has helped to shape our lives.

Udo Zindel

community – November 23, 2006 – 9:11pm