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Site Development [Technical]

All feedback is welcome. And much appreciated.


  1. To serve the community by providing technological tools which allow them to connect with each other in a deep, soulful manner.
  2. To be receptive to community requests for features, within scope of the current technical capacity of the computer staff [me!].
  3. To hold a vision of creating an online sanctuary for the community based on the principles of authenticity, compassion, and love.
  4. To provide a support network for all members of the community through good times and bad -- especially when they need us most.
  5. To create educational opportunities that can help each person continue to move forward in their process of personal growth.
  6. To continually be aware that the internet technologies should never be seen to be a substitute for human contact, but a tool to assist us in reaching out and making contact with each other.
  7. To create a karmically responsible community economy based upon mutual respect, generosity, and love.
  8. To maintain a clean and clear user-interface that itself has an aesthetic elegance of design.