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Community Outreach

All Feeback on these principles and goals is welcome.

Certain possibilities for the site, e.g., online synchronous "live" interactive video / audio, whether for visiting teachers, open seats, or guest speaker programs, may require a "critical mass" size for the community of in order to actualize. To this end... I have set the following goal:

Goal: To organically grow the site by continuing to invite like-minded individuals who could add to the depth and spirit of our community.

Outreach priniciples:

  1. Honesty. Integrity. Authenticity.
  2. Growth should be organic, sustainable, and responsible.
  3. Best publicity may come through serving our own community. Focus should be on welfare and well-being of community members and on providing services that benefit them.
  4. Growth will occur best and most naturally when the community is being served by the site.
  5. "In-reach" over "Out-reach" [If that makes any sense... But basically, it means recruitment is less important than service.]
  6. Alignment with Esalen, Gestalt, and possibly other human potential communities.
  7. No spam policy.
  8. Quality of members is more important than quantity. Dilution of quality is to be avoided.

Hi there


I would like to contact Monika, who was a recent room mate of mine at Esalen.  How do I

do that please?  Many thanks,  Evelyn von Almassy



Evelyn von Almassy – January 12, 2008 – 9:39pm