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    I usually end up alone on July 4th (even in crowds of a commerical parade with military bombastic-ness). But happy July 4th -- just because.  Sorry about the tyrant (infant terrible) in the White House.

Since my heart operation a little over a year ago I have been doing fine going to the gym literally every day (mostly just cardio).  Soon will start working in ernest on my upper body.  And diet needs some attention.

Wondering how you all are. What is new. Condolences to Albert on your loss.

Have many decisions to make.  Many opportunities.  Ebay is quiet for me right now.

Thinking of Law of Attraction.  It helps when I read the words.  Pretty blank right now.

Doing cannibis to excess.  Hope to return to meditation as my only way.

Miss Esalen quite a bit.  No longer reader at my church of all religions.  Former Gal has a boyfriend back East who she is in love with though he is married and seeing other women as well.

Heard there were holes on Highway One...sad to hear hope they fix it or do a work around asap.  For Esalen and those of us who visit.

Doing my dishes are an accomplishment for me.  Just cleaned my kitchen.  An ongoing process.   Sorry if I bore as I drone on.  

Love my cat.

My place is less miserable.  People more respectful.   Things bother me less.  Plus I get to swim when I want.

When I said to Michael Murphy there is going to be a Dr. Strange film ... we laughed; the film came out. It was pretty good (saw it a record 7 times).  Wonder if he watched it.

Went to a mini comic con in Medford it was great fast action for 6 hours.  Daughter borrowed money from me for a year and a half and actually gave me a grand back.  But she still needs money.

Bought a new stove yesterday. Planning on Oregon Country Fair.  (Not going to Rainbow Gathering though I want to; never been--would want to go with a group and have anti tick medicine available :)).  (It is in Oregon North and East from where I am in Ashland). Happening Now.

Nice babes in hot tub friendly and open talking to me.  Needed that acceptance.

Hope the Dems get it together.

Blessings to all.


Love, Rob

Did I mention I am now a great grandfather.

Wish my Son would reconnect. 

Hot today.




Rob G – July 3, 2017 – 12:57pm

I had posted here before of my fears of fascism.  It seems to have come to the surface.

I have figured out I don't really know myself.   When I think of the Law of Attraction -- by resisting (anything) one seems to be causing it (that which one resists).  (Whatever it is, subconsciously positive or negative). 


Gave my car to my daughter.  Insured it.  Long story here suffice to say she may have a gambling problem. But she is so tight lipped I have no clue what she does for sure (her last boyfriend and he former husbands are friends).   Gives me a second of attention when I give her money.  But pretty silent for days and days.  Worried (not that that helps).  Some of us just want to have fun.


Rapid multitudinous changes at ebay.


Comic Cons.  I'll be doing a few locally.  Did one last year. Sold at it.  Good experience.

May have a helper -- another long story. She has a kid. 

People I know who are old (in their 90's) I worry about sometimes.


Still grateful after the heart operation --a couple years ago already-- to be live...and learn. 

I was not well disciplined the last two years with food (about 240 pounds or so fully clothed), video's I watch, meditation (not enough), reading, writing, traveling.


End of an already shakey friendship of over 54 years aprox feel numb. ...


Loving my cat.  Sometimes we both get grumpy, weird weather.


 Worries about weird weather.  And a weird-guy in the white house.  Getting so much free attention daily. Attention is energy.  Give it not to him.


Democrats fragmented. Will be pull it togther.  They want money but maybe I have other talents to help.


Where I live...unique.  Details to come.


 Goddesses.  And pagans.  Oh my.


All these could be things to write about.  In detail.


 There are so many reasons to dump t.rump and pence.  (On my facebook page under rob gustaveson please join).


I watch a lot of TV.  Mostly on Netflix or anything I can get it (near) free; I pay for CBS...Star Trek was good.

(No commercials!)


I take two pharms a day and a

little cannabis.  (I'm a little vague).

Grew 6 of my own plants and got a medical marijuna card

that required me to get some acupuncture. 

Which is located across from my meditation group. 

That I rarely attend for meditation.

Feel pretty good.  Go to the gym almost daily.  Walks.


There are hundreds of issues to look at.


Weather 4 types in one day... Blue sky and sunny and warm, grey rainclouds, rain, col. Stimulating.

But my lungs hurt here in So. Oregon from smoke and other things burned in the air. The inside air where I live is a big problem.

Not as good as CA usually--CA has higher air standards and such.  Miss the beach and body surfing.

Want to travel.  Want to see petroglyphs...know more about plants...




Indian Restaurants


Chicken, fish and turkey  to eat them or not is the question; why did Dave sell out his killer bread. Sad.


Where I live there are lots of distractions.....always...the silence comes sometimes (is always there) and listening to a dove for me is the greater gift... not the drums and noise.  


My yoga teacher is a powerful sweetie.  I'd probably have her as a girlfriend if she desired me at all which she doesn't.  Thinks I am too old.  I am not old.  My bucket list is big.


I have backgound sound on often now to avoid some outside noise ...I think it helps.  Some forms of concentration for me require no loud music or do my work.  That's when I go for a drive or walk in the park..or time going to the post office.  Each moment is a trip.  People are a trip.  Mad at bad drivers a lot lately.  I myself made many mistakes in my new used car. Goes pretty fast before I notice it.  Brakes good.  Other drivers not always very good.


I think Facebook is a force for good and should be supported.


 Had some success suddenly selling comics.  It is too quiet right now.


The SUV still sucks but still works.


I have written some things (but not edited to completion).  So much to do online.  Habits and rituals

I do daily.  


 On a liquid diet for two days before a procedure.  Will tell fully probably in 3 days.


Man time flys.  So many months without coming here.  Don't ask me why... for in this case I do not know why I haven't visited more.


Just got a new toilet installed couple days ago.  A story. The installer lives here and flipped a house, and for me works for Mad Magazines. (That he usually gives back).  I pissed him off.   He use to work for rides. 


Over 5 people knock on my door without calling first.


I go to (5+) grocery stores a lot.


I wake up between 10 and 11 a.m. (cause my cat gets me up -- he wants to go outside -- a huge space for romping and roaming.)

and usually stay up active until past midnight. I feel panic if I stay up til 3 or 5 a.m.  Like I shouldn't.

I have never been a morning person.


To those who want the world to end or for America to fail and implode I say fuck you.

Keep the good that works.  Realize everyone matters.  Everyone is your Brother or Sister.  

Respect all the kingdom's of nature.  (As everyone here are one with it).


Love.  R


Rob G – April 12, 2018 – 12:11am