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Us. YOU. 

I kind of would like to hear from all the participants here.  What have you been up to, how are you, what's new.


Maybe I haven't Meditated enough lately but today, this morning, got upset about money.  

My fault, of course (if fault provided anything).  But what good are banks if they do not work with you.

Machines like corporations care about their bottom line, not yours.  I contacted my bank in advance and said do not honor them taking money from my account by echeck.  (Until after the 23rd).  So they did of course which would have gotten me overdrawn and well the timing is bad.  Even with $200 in paypal..which I use to pay ebay... paypal chose to take $225 from my checking.  I try hard never to get overdrawn.  Plus there were 3 undeserved returns.  Painful amount of work for nothing.  Have been selling Fine Art Lithos for a friend.  I get 50% less fees.  One guy in Australia has caused a lot of problems and is probably a fraudster.  (Where else can I blog about this, who would listen; probably not that interesting). 

I still sell all things comics but haven't renewed my stock in a long time.  Art helps pay bills.  But I wanted to travel too to San Diego to the comic con to see if any deals could be had that could generate more money to pay bills.  I guess I could figure a way to have fewer bills.  Money is an emotional issue.  For me.  Sometimes.  Elated when I get a bunch.  For some people and for me sometimes money is not an issue.

Finally in commmunication with my Son. Via Facebook and soon hopefully in person in So. California where I will hopefully get to meet my new grandchild.  Trying to build a trip to see him.  And my Daughter and 4 other grandkids (At 3 locations).  Driving from So. Oregon I try to go via Big Sur (my gift to myself).  (I only really like it from Carpinteria North.  But Lake Shine and Encinitas are great just haven't been there lately.

So I might have almost had a heart attack.  Completely gave up my soda so far (Coca Cola) over 6 weeks without any desire to drink it.  My former gal convinced me to go into the Emergency room so I did and spent a couple more days in a hospital. They want to put in a stint.  I declined and vowed to change my diet and exercise more.  Smoke and stress are the real culprits too.  Too much smoke from fires in So. Oregon! OHP (Oregon Health Plan covered it all). Cardiologist doesn't want to see me until Nov.  Seemed like a nice guy. 

My gal got rid of me last July for a married man back East.  We still talk on the phone.  Sometimes.

So got upset about money and felt I had stressed my heart a little today. Gotta never get upset.  Taking no other pills and such for high blood pressure.  In the hospital they inject your with radiation and stress you on purpose. Very painful.  Wouldn't a healer be a better choice?  Phasing out white rice and flour soon.  Quinoi phasing in.  Fruits and vegetables phasing in.  Thought I could do it all at once.  Not so far.  Did some tai chi, swimming (building back up), weights (barely),

Do metal and rocks have consciousness? 

If so I should bless my car more.  It's 20 years old. I don't have to do the smog thing ever again.  My other car 18 years old has problems but still works.  I am abundant.  I have many valuable comics and some comic art.  I am abundant. 

I want Bernie Sanders to be President.

Did you guys see AWAKE?  (A great Yogananda film available via GATHR--you pay for the tickets online and when enough sell they tell you and you can go to a sort of private screening).  I get to read at my local SRF sometimes. 

There is a battle between what my ego wants and what my Soul is.

Went to a gathering of sorts last nite where the lady was doing hypnosis too and chanting for each chakra up and down.  Previously on a Tues another female was teaching Kundalini (Yogi Bahjan--who I never studied) it was sort of cool experienced something.  But as George Leonard might say a regular discipline is important. Smorgasbording might not be the best way to explore ones Self.   Goddess, wicca, pagan, women are gaining a lot of power I feel lately.  Here for sure.  Seems to be widespread.  Not afraid.  Everyone so human.  Not bad.  Their rituals seem safe and sane and good.  Fear not.

Sex.  Money. Power.  Immortality.  Aren't these literary subjects.  I am completely lost in desire regarding sex without knowing how to get a relationship.   Transmutation of sex energy is allegedly a Science but that just gives me headaches.  Loving a person is still a good thing.  Always will be.  Sex is related to money chakra-wise.  Though I hear no one saying it but me.  I have decided not only am I a novice at sex & a prud as well.  Some warn not to go into the house of senses.  Why is that?  Perhaps the pain of not fulfilling a particular desire.

Why are we really here on Earth? 

Immortality:  Your Soul is immortal.  Your outer form dies.  This no longer comforts me.  

Power:  Self control is real power.   Power over others is not.

So they had this concert here two days in a row where I live.  Good band.  But someone seems to import alcohalics and others to these events and drug abusers and unleashed dogs and at 6 a.m. they blare up their car radio--same people all the time.  Screaming from them at 6 a.m.  Come on! I wait 2 hours.  Pissed.  It doesn't stop til after 11:00 a.m.;  A manager indicated she was not able to deal with these people (but had tried and ok if I want to call the cops) so I walked over and said "You don't live or work here what are you doing ..why are you here."   Someone else intercedes putting a stop to my communication.  Soon the caravan of 3-4 cars leave to their next "event."  But these are arrogant punks who literally have no conscience.  Some are homeless and young.  Yet I am not in charge.  I gave the office worker a hug.  Went home and took a nap.  No real communication about it how can we stop this.

Been hot here especially inside my place lately.  I wish they would not have fires here, burning "weeds" and such.  Hurts one lungs.

Grass is legal in July.  They call it Medicine.   I preached for it since age 17.  Now I preach responsible use.  Smoke it in your car or at home but not near kids or pets or me.  (At concerts by choice).  I want a choice.  There are vaps.  No one will care or listen.  Stupor vs. Consciouness. (It will get worse when Pharmceutical Companies and Tobacco companies get involved--they already are-- buying up land with water to grow weed...STOP IT.  Tell everyone.  Power to the people right on.

Higher Consciousness is the goal.  So much glamour in the new age. 

One knows what one knows.  Would I have it any other way?  

Listened to Marianne Williamson online the other nite liked a lot of what she said.  Still I can see how some might be confused.  Learning real deeper Meditation is key in my opinion.

I have a great cat.

 Enough for now.  Just checking in.

Let's pray and meditate on the 21st (Solstice) for Peace, abundance, real positive change for the environment etc.

As Daniel said.  "One rotation at a time."

Om Peace.

Rob G – June 17, 2015 – 11:24am

Glad to hear you are swimming.

henry glenn – June 22, 2015 – 2:30pm

thanks man


How are things with you?

Rob G – June 23, 2015 – 1:55pm