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Hi hey it's been awhile.


Happy New Year.


 I wonder if you all know about and have seen the documentary on Yogananda.  To get a screening in your area go to gathr.  Find out where it is, commit to buying a ticket then when enough people show interest buy a ticket.  I saw it already in Mt. Shasta.  And will probably see it again soon.  It revealed a lot of stuff I did not know.


 I was an extra in the film "Wild."  Did 11-14 hours for maybe 2 or 4 seconds of me probably occured.  :)

I have stories about it but I'm not sure I am allowed to talk about it.  Reese Witherspoon deserves an Academy award.


Feel happy, up and hopeful lately.


Miss Esalen.  If I sold $2500 worth of comics and stuff would try to visit there again asap.


I still go too many places alone.  But maybe soon I'll start going places with people.


Random quick blog on facebook (1st draft):

Random thoughts: What you don't know about me (cause you never asked)... I like eating at Restaurants. I'm too shy usually to talk to women... who I love madly at almost all levels. (One gal yesterday was open to me (at Market of Choice) and friendly and I ran away..and she was perfect (I have the ability to love many and be faithful to one); My thought is I want the perfect lifemate).

Then I have a Spiritual Path as well. There is no conflict there with any aspect of my life and I feel blessed to have SRF as my path. I was involved in consciousness raising experiences since age 15 and now I am about to be 64. I want everyone to sing me the Beatle song for my birthday in Feb.

Also I have an immense to do list and I do ten or more things on it each week (or day). I am not usually very emotional but at times I am..5 minutes recently at 3 a.m.for another person. I appear to be out of shape but am very strong. I worked from age 15 until now. In 1976 I started working for a comic retailer (I worked for 10 years for some cheap bosses after leaving grocery as manager and Journeyman clerk Smith's Food King/Ralph's and others). Since 1986 I have created work from thin air and survived; In Grocery I'd work weekends, holidays and graveyard and double shifts and all times in many departments prior to that (quit when a Supervisor said he was looking to fire people to save money about the same time the Car manufacturing business was being phased out of Van Nuys, CA--the beginning of giant corporations stealing all power from mankind;

I am pro choice. Choice is freedom. I am not perfect (ok I am) (and so are you).

This is a silly random blog beginning. People are getting old and some are dying. We don't have to. If we change our thoughts and actions we can be healthy and reverse the aging process. I am usually pretty happy. I have no agenda other than peace on Earth and within. (And to know God fully which is the main reason we are here on Earth I think). God is the only reality and all that we think is so important is illusion.

I like to get places early.

I seek a quiet neighborhood with low rent, warmer environment, drug free (grass at an occasional party OK). I love my kids and grandkids. I want to be thought of as a creative innovator.

I want people not to fear death (or fear at all) but to know we are immortal Soul that has learned for thousands of lifetimes (maybe a million) and will be coming back many more times (though the next persona will be different (body/emotions/mind). There are definitions of God that I have been exposed to that will blow your mind (not the purpose). God is Love and Light. Also God is ever new bliss and joy.

Creations are creating more creations and free will is involved.

Things that have helped me: Swimming, yoga, Vitamin C and E and now D; prayer and meditation (though I am a novice at prayer and do not do it often). I love massage (receiving and giving).

I am a comic book salesman; I like to write and draw; I am not technologically sophisticated but can make a web page faster than anyone I know. There are no "shoulds" just choices.

I learn more deeply by trial and error but I am willing to learn other ways. I probably spend too much time alone. I do like being with some people.

I hate plastic and monsanto and DJ's and the Republican party but not private citizens; I hereby forgive everyone from this and all other lifetimes for everything they have ever done to me. I see it all as learning....change is natural do not resist it.

I am secretly green.

I am for Bernie Sanders for prez.

Dance and sing more.

Thou art that.




Rob G – January 17, 2015 – 1:36am