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Life just keeps on changing...


The pet count at my house is high.  I have three dogs and three cats and a fish.  Technically some of the dogs and cats can be credited to my children and now one of our kitties is on her way to live with her human in Las Vegas.  While she doesn't leave for two weeks, it is a big change for me.  I can't say it is unwelcome, but still change always tends to be challenging.  Once I adjust to something then I have to readjust.  Guess life is a little bit like sailing.  The wind changes and we compensate accordingly so that we can stay the course in spite of the unpredictable whims of mother nature.  In this case, Julie's cat will be flown to Vegas by her best friend.  I purchased the airline ticket for her after they were unable to get together for Julie's last day in Portland which was disappointing for both of them.  They'll have a couple of days together in Las Vegas now, Pikaboo will be in her new home and Julie will have her best kitty friend back in her arms.  The things we do as parents to accommodate our never ceases to amaze me.  This makes me think of when Julie was a bitty girl and had chicken pox.  We drove around town looking for the Ninja Turtle action figure she wanted just to make her feel better.  That sucker was nowhere to be found in a small town like Bozeman, MT but we tried every store we could think of...I don't recall whether we were ultimately successful but I remember the desire to quench my darling daughter's need for this toy to compensate for her struggles with the itchies...Children bring us more angst and pain than anything else in life, I think.  Maybe that is just my experience.  Today I am excited and happy and glad that I could get Pika and Twin on a flight to fulfill yet another burning desire.  Kudos to the mom in me that wants to provide for my children when I can.  I didn't always put them first and now it is with measured, intentional dedication that I do what I am able.  Can't heal all the boo-boos, I know. This is more a gift than a solution.

Kristy Bliss – November 14, 2014 – 9:14am