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iSEA - Sunday Evening Affirmations 07-01-2012


This Month's Affirmation is: Every day I see my dream

By knowing my dream I am able to pursue it, by sharing my dream I allow other minds to participate in manifesting it into reality. Every day I see my dream building momentum. Every day I see my dream I live as the master of my experiences. Sometimes I determine what I experience, more importantly how I experience.

Take care and time to create vivid imagery of goals/dreams which are important to you and which you would be joyful to see fulfilled. Write down your ambitions and be specific about what you ideally want to be surrounded by, what activities you ideally wish to participate in... Keep these dreams in the forefront of your conscious, and share a desire you are pursuing with all whom you interact. Treat everyone you meet as a friend that wants to help you in the actualization of your dreams.  One can never be sure who will be ready to open a door of opportunity, or be a tremendous part of your journey, so be open to a world of endless possibilities. Every day is a beautiful lucid dream in which you have influence and the power to create.

Please comment, give feedback, share your interpretation of this affirmation, or share a positive affirmation of your own.

Natures Son – July 4, 2012 – 5:56pm