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Reaching the Divine


William James: Final Paper

Reaching the Divine


Here I am….Still Shedding….looks like I will hit the actual ‘highway West’ Monday morning….which is good…now, that I am officially ‘unemployed yet employable’ I have more time to shed/pack/prepare….hahahaha

So, as I was cleaning out my desk (another GiveWay) I found the final paper I wrote for a class I was taking (undergraduate)….an entire course dedicated to William James. We only had one assignment due; a 15 page review of my William James experience. HA!

So, I took a little break from packing and read my paper (been about 13 years since the course)….and I had an intense ‘AhhHA!’ moment.

The paper is titled Reaching the Divine…funny, as of late, I have been experiencing exactly what fascinated me most about James’s work; ‘psychical experience’.

A few quotes from my paper:

“in this essay, I will focus on what I feel created the foundation for James’s desire to incorporate psychical research into the worthiness of scientific investigation. I will show how his works on faith, the stream of consciousness, will, determinism and belief can be applied to not only religious experience but also the claims of psychical phenomena and psychical experience.”

“these experiences, psychic and religious contain noetic feelings; a knowing amongst the unknown. A weaving of the external and internal.”

“when researching religious/psychic consciousness, it is important to examine our Roots. For example, many indigenous cultures have used (and still use) psychotropic plants for healing and religious ceremony; used as a vehicle to reach higher consciousness (the Divine) creating a panpsychic view of the universe.”

“Religious faith, according to James, amounted to the belief that the possibility exists. James argued that ‘all the converging multitude of arguments that make in favor of idealism tend to prove; that the world of physics probably does not exist’” (Levinson).

“A man’s religious faith means for me essentially is faith in the existence of an unseen order of some kind which riddles of the natural order mat be found explained.” (James 1895).

I say:  Credo quia absurdum!!!

“In conclusion, if the philosophical and psychological communities ignore psychical experience why not ignore religious experience as they are one and the same. Why consider our subconscious as having little to do with our lives as humans? The possibilities of our body, mind, spirit and heart are Endless. We are evolving beings and should not discredit phenomena because it has yet to be scientifically ‘proven’.”

The first difference between the psychical researcher and the inexpert person is that the former realizes the commonness and typicality of the phenomenon here, and while the latter, less informed, thinks it is so rare as to be unworthy of attention.” (McDermott, 1967).

And so it is

Now I Journey into the Known yet Unknown…guided by Faith, Trust, Determination and Belief.

Ok…best get back to shed/pack/prepare…..hahaha


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mae – June 30, 2012 – 4:58am

I know that your beautiful spirit as profoundly brightened the lives of those whom you have been close to you in Ohio, and I imagine you are in a deep process of reflection. The words of your Dad were emotionally touching to read.

I am also eager to hear of what journeys you discover which have been awaiting you. Travel with care.

This is one song I enjoy listening to on road trips

Natures Son – July 1, 2012 – 2:36am

Amazing...I have TEARS OF JOY ~~~ So much GRATITUDE

Still shedding, sorting, packing....took a mini break to check out my cards...yes, my amazing colleagues at CWRU not only had an 'ice-cream social' in my honor...they gave me hugs, cards, and Inspiration...

While I mentioned I would 'have liked to have more saved' before my journey in another blog...going through my cards....TEARS OF JOY ~~~

Lots of beautiful cards....Inspiring...I have so much Gratitude....Blessed...truly....

Lots of Hugs....Tears of Joy and "Can't wait to hear how this adventure unfolds!!!"....

So....a few min ago I get an email from my father (who I have not seen in years...nor talked to)...

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing" Helen Keller

Travel Safe to Esalen

Much Love


Tears of Joy pervade my Being

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok...back to shedding, sorting, packing...   

mae – July 1, 2012 – 11:56pm

Hi Christopher!

Thank You for your kind words. Today I hit the highway....nervous giddiness pervades my being.... I am so thankful for all the beautiful beings in my without their positive encouragement, I do not feel I would have the courage to go for my Dream.

I am open to all the amazing possibilities the Universe brings my way....

My intention is to arrive in Nebraska Tuesday....Santa Cruz Friday...(pit stop at saratoga hot springs in WY-can't pass up hot springs! hahahaha)

I will post upon arrival to Esalen

Cheers & Thank You for all your beautiful Energy!!!!

mae – July 2, 2012 – 12:03am