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Happy Trails!!


Very Best Wishes to lovely Monica as she embarks on her Esalen journey/adventure in the coming days. We'll be rootin' for You!!!

henry glenn – June 27, 2012 – 8:55am

Thank You Henry! What an Amazing few days....Deep Gratitude I have for Everyone in my life....So much Inspiration....Thank You!

I shared with a colleague yesterday about the dream I had about 12 years ago...four years after I first went to the Big Sur....vivid dreams of driving down highway 1...and arriving at a place....in the vehicle I am driving now...the person I am now, unpacking my things...beginning anew....at the time, I had never been to Esalen...when I had this dream I was going through some intense Adversity and I clearly remember how wonderful and relieved I felt...knowing that someday I would become this person...happy, content, authentic. I kept a dream journal at the time and had drawn a silhouette from the dream....looking at the drawing....it is clearly the lawn in front of the Lodge (I even drew the trees)...when I arrived at Esalen this past March.....it became even more clear I had been  before....in dream....over a decade prior.     

Life is Yummy. I am so very Blessed and so very Thankful for Awareness and so very Thankful for All the beautiful Beings 'rooting' me forward ......Everyone I know is so Positive...and so Excited for this Adventure...and that, makes me feel so Wonderful.....I have never felt so Wonderful and so Right in my entire life thus far.....Life really is Full of Endless Possibility

I will post upon arrival at Esalen (arrival date: July 8th, 2012)....

my Adventure West begins Saturday, June 30th.....after Sweat Lodge....

Thank You All!!!

Brightest Blessings!!!  
mae – June 28, 2012 – 5:06am