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The Gift of Giving


Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more  

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Another Bright, Beautiful & Hottttt Day here in the Land Afar…. (Cleveland) hahahahahaha

Friday evening I had an Epiphany.

I was sorting through ‘stuff’ as, Shedding is in full throttle….what I thought I ‘need’ is becoming less and less….yet, I am being ‘filled’ with more and more…..Beautiful.

So, I was pondering what to do with all this ‘stuff’, where to give….this coming weekend I will attend ‘Honoring Our Ancestors’ powwow. My Ojibwe group has invited me to dance the ‘fancy shawl’ aka: The Butterfly Dance. (my first time dancing at powwow)


Friday, June 15th, I remove my Mask and share my transition and upcoming move with All I know (workplace). ~ A Bitter Sweet ~. Friday evening, I set up camp at the powwow. Saturday: dance, dance, sing, sing, give, give, dance, dance, give, give

So, 6.8.2012 it came to me what to do with all this ‘stuff’. A GiveAway. I was thinking of a ‘Free Store’ type set up initially…even made a sign:

Natures Abundance: The Free Store   

Got No Money? No Problem!

I shared this idea with my Sweat group last night and learned about the powwow tradition of a Giveaway. And so it is.

Instead of ‘stressing’ about where and what I am going to do with all this ‘stuff’, I am Enjoying packing it, folding it, getting ready to present it this weekend. I am even adding to the ‘stuff’; little notes of positive wisdom inside a book, vase, a crystal in a pocket and so on….FUN!!! And, it feels SOOOO GOOOOOOD…..

What I thought I ‘need’ is becoming less and less….yet; I am being filled with more and more…..A Beautiful Cycle!   

*** I am so very Thankful for the Beautiful Beings who have entered my life…Thank You Anishinabe ~ Megwich Gitchi Manitou

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver

Maya Angelou


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mae – June 10, 2012 – 6:05am