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Serpents, Spiders & Synchronicity


Returned from the Serpent Mound (Ohio) this afternoon....before leaving camp, I had a message from a spider named 'Charlotte'...."Weave the right web, and you will capture your Dreams".....

This evening, I have found myself in a very Synchronistic Moment. While watching XMEN, I randomly opened pg. 222, America & the Religion of No Religion (Kripal); Chapter: The Serpent Spine of Spirit and Sex    

The photo on pg. 223, fig. 19: Don Hanlon Johnson with Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks.  

~ Synchronicity ~

pics of serpent mound below:This Place is AWESOME!!! 


mae – June 4, 2012 – 7:22pm

Love Bliss & Kundalini

mae – June 6, 2012 – 5:50pm