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Serpent Mound


Another Bright and Beautiful Day here in the Land Afar….(Cleveland…hahahaha)




Still Shedding

Last weekend I traveled to the UP (Upper Peninsula, Michigan)…camping near the place of my birth…'Shedding of the Skin'…giving Thanks and letting go of the past….


Today I journey to the Serpent Mound…honoring our Ancestors, giving Gratitude…Transmutation in Process…rather extraordinary how the Serpent Mound called…I have longed to go since I lived in Ohio and soon I leave Ohio…our Ojibwe elder gave invitation for ceremony as the land is in need of our healing energy ~~~

Simply Synchronistic ~~~ 27 days…A New Butterfly will Emerge

A few days ago, I started to go into that ‘spiral thinking’ again….there is reason I have been called to the Serpent Mound, at this time….one cannot Transmute if one is not able to let go ~~~

‘Feel Snake’s rhythm and you will dance freely, incorporating those transmuting forces of the universe as a part of your sensual dance of power’

~ Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams & David Carson


letting go of past sacred places transmutation
mae – June 2, 2012 – 5:16am