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Spiral Mind, New Moon & Solar Eclipse


Thinking is very far from Knowing

 Sir W. Temple


For the past few days my mind has been in what I call a ‘Spiral’. As the journey West comes nearer; doubt, excitement, nervousness and acute Awareness pervade my being.

41 days…the ‘shedding of materials’ stage is full throttle….my nest transforming…out of the four walls and into the four wheels….letting go…into the unknown yet known.

Earlier this week I thought of staying (stagnate) and not continuing with my heart’s mission...I thought about how it would be much easier to stay.

I am comfortable. I have my routine, a home, good job with benefits and all the fixens, good friends close, Sweat Lodge family, ‘stability’. Maybe I should wait a little bit longer. June 29th is so close, I am not ready. I need more Time. With time I can plan more.”

You follow? These thoughts rambled on and on in mind, like a Spiral. On Tuesday, when I returned home after work, I began crying. The spiral thoughts had become me. I searched out for alternatives to my journey and reasons why I should not go.

Yet, it saddened me greatly to think this way.

After a few hours, I was balling my eyes out. I read a very sad blog about a lovely young man who recently passed. I felt him in the writer’s words. His spirit like an Eagle’s wings. A man of True resonance, this I know. His story saddens me so.

And with this, the mind affirmed the Spiral thoughts. So, I cried some more. “Why? Why do I feel so strongly I must journey forward? Why? If I do not go, I will always wonder. If I don’t go, I will lose Faith and Trust, I will lose the power of Belief. I will be defeated by my own thinking. Yet, maybe this is not the best Time? If I wait, it will be easier”.

The next day, I shared my spiral thinking with my friends. “I don’t know anymore, I just think maybe I should wait. What if………..”  For me, the spiral thinking usually begins with ‘what if’ statements.

My business savvy ‘realist’ friend, who months ago was my ‘realistic advisor’ said “NO! You HAVE to Go! Now is the Time- if you wait, you will never go.”

Another “This is not the Monica I know. It will work out, I just know it”


I called out to Great Spirit. “Creator, I ask for a sign. I am having spiraling thoughts and beginning to doubt my inner knowing.’

And, I was gifted with a sign, several actually…and they keep coming.

Thank You All

When our mind goes into a Spiral, it helps to ask for Guidance.

The Beauty of the Spiral Mind:

Once your thinking becomes knowing, your Faith, Trust and Belief become you.

And so it is. 41 days.

May 19th & 20th 2012

New Moon Sweat Lodge

 **** Celestial Celebration: Solar Eclipse! Pleiades Alignment! Yes! Yes! Yes!

*** Good weekend to generate new intentions


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