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iSEA - Sunday Evening Affirmations 05-13-2012


This Week's Affirmation is: I live in an abundant world.

            As we affirm that the world is abundant, we shall attract greater abundance into our lives and become aware of the abundance which is already present.  Individuals who believe their world is abundant share what they have freely, and the world gives back to them. When one believes that his or her world is abundant, others see this and want to be a part of that persons world and consequently this attracts further abundance.

Recently I attended an art festival, where many artists brought their work to sell at booths. I came upon a painter of landscapes, and out of interest I asked how the event was going for him. He had not sold a painting and was quite disappointed at the results he was having.  He stated that "as an artist one must face the 'reality' that no one is buying art in this economy." People walked by his booth, enjoyed looking at his art, and then continued away. His expectation of no one buying his art was fulfilled

Not far off I came upon a second landscape painter with a similar artistic style, and I decided to ask him the same question.  This individual's outlook was entirely different. He claimed that "there is plenty of room for more painters in the field . . . there are always consumers buying art." His conduct exuded optimism, and the people that came to his booth regularly left having bought a painting of his.

The disparity between these two artists' success is that one held a belief in shortages, while the other was assured by his trust in abundance.

Often people who identify themselves as being a realist, have a negative perspective and project this attitude.  Many people have yet to realize that positive expectations can be realistic and good for all, rather than only for idealists. Perhaps there are at least four categories: negative-realist, positive-realist, pessimist, and idealist.  A large part of what is 'real' is our perception anyhow, so choose to be positive.  

The world is an abundant one. Fortunately for some individuals, they expect and experience life's abundance, while others have yet to master the skill of attracting abundance. Remember to allow the abundance into your life, and repeat  I live in an abundant world.

Please comment, give feedback, share your interpretation of this affirmation, or share a positive affirmation of your own.


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Natures Son – May 13, 2012 – 6:35pm

It is difficult to receive with close fists. Thank you for this week's Affirmation.

I live in an abundant world

mae – May 14, 2012 – 4:57am