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iSEA - Sunday Evening Affirmations 05-06-2012


This Week's Affirmation is: Today I live with intention and grow closer to my human potential.

            For me, today was a productive day packed with positive intentions and fulfillment. It is important to choose to live with intention everyday so that we may actively carve out our own future with our present intentions, and make everyday a day of growing/learning. Deplorably I almost overlooked my intention to share a weekly affirmation, which is a part of my personal human potential development.

Making a check list for everyday the night before can help you fulfill your intentions and free your mind to live in the moment.  Each day make it your intention to accomplish your most imperative tasks first; this is the task that is the most valuable use of your time. Each day make it you intention share love and wisdom freely. You will find that what you project will be what the world has in store for you around every turn, so project love, wisdom and appreciation. Each day intend to consume healthily. Food ingested becomes the building blocks of your being at a molecular level, and time consumed becomes the hours the make up your life.

Please comment, give feedback, share your interpretation of this affirmation, or share a positive affirmation of your own.

Natures Son – May 6, 2012 – 10:45pm

Thank you for this week's Affirmation.

Energy Flows with Intention...Breathing In Fresh Perspective, Fresh Energy and Exhaling anything that does not serve us...worries, negative beliefs, anxiety...Letting Go....Breathe IN the Optimistic pursuits of your Highest Potential....Healing thySelf while Healing our Habitat.....

Today I live with Intention and Grow closer to my Human Potential

mae – May 9, 2012 – 4:51pm