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iSEA - Sunday Evening Affirmations 04-29-2012


This Week's Affirmation is: I embrace challenges and advance with confidence and ease.

When obstacles appear between you and your pursuits, whether these are physical obstacles, emotional/psychological fears, or an array of responsibilities to carry out, reclaim your path. It is common to feel  motivation diminish when there are unexpected tribulations, or results are delayed.  Yet the way we may ultimately realize our dreams is to sustain our drive. Embrace a positive self-perception and remind yourself that you can do it. Choose to reignite your passion and self-assurance, and repeat this week's affirmation: I embrace challenges and advance with confidence and ease.

When one sees challenges as opportunities to grow and welcomes them, it becomes easier to allow oneself to live in the moment. The now consciousness is attained when we feel satisfied. We increase satisfaction in the present while we are immersed in our journey. Journey immersion requires allowing our positive thoughts to be of the present, involved in the present environment.

A journal (for your Journey) with priorities and a schedule can organize a seemingly overwhelming project with an assortment of responsibilities into a coherent sequence of tasks, each of which can be handled in the moment. A completed project or challenge met, re-enforces our  confidence and our sense of self as response-able. This will further our goal to embrace challenges and advance with momentous confidence and ease.

Please comment, give feedback, share your interpretation of this affirmation, or share a positive affirmation of your own.

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Natures Son – April 29, 2012 – 6:43pm

Timing...Thank You!

As May is near...I have found myself in one of those 'spirals' again...wondering...'is this crazy!?' my move gets has my 'doubt' I let go of chase after a 'dream'...

This week's Affirmation seems to sum it all up and I will repeat morning, noon and night  

I embrace challenges and advance with confidence and ease

I can do it!

Thank You!!!!!!!

mae – April 30, 2012 – 3:16am