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Philosophic Hangover


Good-humor is a philosophic state of mind; it seems to say to Nature that we take her no more seriously than she takes us. I maintain that one should always talk of philosophy with a smile.”

William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience


Another Bright and Beautiful day here in the land Afar…. (Cleveland… hahahahaha)

Yesterday was rather chilly & cloudy so I spent the entire day and evening in my ‘cave’. I finished The American Soul Rush’ (Goldman), soaked up a few more essays from On The Edge of the Future, finished another chapter of America and the Religion of No Religion (Kripal), absorbed human transformative capacity with The Future of the Body (Murphy)…and….this morning my thoughts feel mushy, much like the feeling I used to get  after an intense Philosophy class (philosophic hangover)…going deeeeeep…deeeeeeeper…..even deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeper…..only to realize, I am merely standing on wet sand far from the deep. HA!

I have been pondering Spiritual Privilege (Goldman’s theoretical construct)…while examining my spiritual privilege…which has no doubt influenced every bit of who I am today.


Here I am… pondering how all this fits into my ‘world task’  hmmmm….hmmmm…..hmmmmm….

Today: Lose Mind and Embrace Senses….hug a few trees, breathe, Smile with the Sun and cherish authentic Gratitude for Awareness, Depth, and ability to endorse every moment as Sacred


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mae – April 29, 2012 – 6:00am

Thanks for the "spiritual privilege" (Goldman) information Monica....Esalen founder/philosopher Michael Murphy has an exalted mischievious sense of humor hard to detect in "Future of the Body". Only Michael can cite/include Plotinus, Ben Hogan, Martha Stewart, Bill Murray and Heidegger in the same sentence

henry glenn – April 29, 2012 – 10:55am

can cite/include Plotinus, Ben Hogan, Martha Stewart, Bill Murray and Heidegger in the same sentence...   

"I agree, 'we are not separate from Spirit we are in it' (Plotinus) as one becomes more Aware of innate ability ‘the possible ranks higher than the actual’ (Heidegger) and yes ‘I am a nut, but not just a nut’ (Murray) however, with anything in life, ‘the ultimate judge of your swing is the flight of the ball’ (Hogan) and with regards to adaptation ‘my new motto is: When you’re through changing, you’re through’ (Stewart) seems to sum up the evolution of our species."

~ Esalen traveler/philosopher, Monica

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha......yes, I am preparing for my month long WS with Kripal in July....hahahahahahahaha! HA! 

mae – April 29, 2012 – 2:14pm

i read with interest the description in the catalog of the July Kripal work-study month you'll be attending. Wonderful that Steven Harper will be participating. With Jeff's CTR clout, you will be fully prepared to take over as CTR co-ordinator at the end of the month and i can stop complaining...Also be working on manifesting which work department you want to be in....uncle henry

henry glenn – April 30, 2012 – 9:53am