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Community Voices [Talking Stick] #4145

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Anonymous – October 17, 2008 – 12:15pm

You read that so well.

 Happy trails, D.

Scarlet Rose – October 17, 2008 – 12:52pm

I  love the Talking Stick. You know what iThou  has given to me- a feeling of safety in words and speech. I would never in a million years  have felt comfortable speaking into the unknown. Now I am ready when 
notoriety  calls (laughter)

AnjelaM – October 17, 2008 – 7:29pm

HI All,

 Happy Saturday...While it's sunshiney out today...I'm going to go see the movie doubt...i love Meryl Streep and am foundationally Catholic so it should be interesting...Enjoy,


mimijean – January 17, 2009 – 1:25pm