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some early seeds for the thinking about


I've been doing a little bit more thinking about vision... and direction... trying to language everything... though prose seems quite inadequate to the task... At any rate... some more clues are here, I think... it's about coming together... and the connecting across difference... and weaving a thread through us all... This is from Spring 1997... during one of my early years as Coordinator of Friends.

It was also a wonderful surprise to see...

...that also in this newsletter are some of the usual suspects...

... who would have thought it... but I suppose that is not to be much of a surprise...

Albert Wong – March 18, 2007 – 5:57pm

Funny how the crossing of paths and lives converge and wind around each other... I forgot that it was Dorothy that took on some of the responsibilities that I had... and how interesting that Albert was writing about all of this and i-Thou all at the same time...
Albert, maybe it is time to put up a vision tab under the latest to store all the great vision stuff you have been sharing?

sh – March 18, 2007 – 10:11pm

Great idea, Steve! So... I've put up the beginnings of a little FAQ... which contains a little section on the Vision for the Site... [finally!] and will continue to refine this for the site...

If you want to check it out you can click on FAQ link on the top menu or go here: FAQ link

Thanks for the inspiration!

Much love,


Albert Wong – March 19, 2007 – 2:32am

I gave it a test run... looks great. Thanks for continued construction on the site!

sh – March 19, 2007 – 10:03am