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To live, to dance... to move


i've been doing some thinking
about the vision of the site
its intention
and how to speak it
without constricting it
how to name
what has no name
and 10,000 names

to speak in plain english
about this space
we are in the midst of creating


tagging a name to spirit
to that common heart in us all

i do not yet know how to speak it
this common intent
but if i were to put it to music
and motion
it might go something like this


love streaming through

Albert Wong – March 9, 2007 – 6:03pm


Kristy Bliss – March 9, 2007 – 6:10pm


sh – March 9, 2007 – 8:38pm
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i felt the dancer as you, dear albert.

Dorothy T – March 9, 2007 – 9:10pm