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How To Instructions for the site


So, you need help figuring out how to work something on the site.... or maybe you've figured something out and want to share your wisdom with the community... Well, this is where all of this is collected and pooled for all of us :-)  Feel free to suggest different topics for inclusion into this little handbook... or feel free to write something yourself and I'll make sure it gets included!

Albert Wong – March 8, 2007 – 12:25am

albert - not trying to make more work but perhaps it would save some?? i almost called you to ask about uploading videos again (SORRY!) until i did a search and eventually got to this 'How To' page. is it possible that in 'the latest' there could be a 'How To' TAB along side the tabs already there? ('all recent posts; posts in my groups; audio library; offerings')? thought it might save you from others asking over and over.

maybe this is already handled in some fashion that i missed?!

love. thanks.

Dorothy T – March 22, 2007 – 7:07am

Look to the top menu bar... to the right of "Groups" is FAQ (frequently asked questions). Click on FAQ and there it is...

sh – March 22, 2007 – 9:42am

Just curious, albert.....when one types in Ray Swartley on the web, it links to the i thou page.  What is the connection to i-thou and 'those whose teacher is Ray Swartley?' 

mahima – August 18, 2007 – 11:24pm

Hi Mahima... and welcome...

Well, I don't quite know how google figures out how to rank sites, so I can't speak to why this site is ranked so highly relative to the others.  For my own part, Ray Swartley was one of my massage teachers and I was deeply touched by his work and example in life.

Blessings to you,


Albert Wong – August 19, 2007 – 1:13am

...tracks The Juice.
That's how!

"The Algorithm is God."
--Segey Brin

John Francis Ca... – August 19, 2007 – 6:05am