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HowTo: Keep your post from showing up on "The Latest"


Inspired by Dorothy Thomas....

I was speaking with Dorothy the other day and she was thinking about posting something, but was wondering if there was a way to post it so that it didn't show up on the "front page" of The Latest. So inspired by her thought, there is now is a way for people to do just that. You can now post something so that it actually will show up only under your personal page rather than under The Latest.

It's pretty simple... and it applies to anything that you want to post --- but which you don't want on the "front page" of "The Latest" :-).

Step 1. Compose your entry. So, go ahead and enter the information for your blog entry (or image, etc.) as usual. Don't hit "Submit" just yet.

Step 2. Find the link that says "Publishing Options". Now, before you actually hit the "Submit" button, you should be able to find --- below the main text entry area --- a link entitled "Publishing options" that sits right above the Preview/Submit buttons and which looks like this:

Step 3. Click that link, as shown above.

And then... a couple of checkbox options should appear as in the diagram below:

Step 4. Uncheck the box entitled "Promoted to front page". Next, all you have to do is make sure that the checkbox entitled "Promoted to front page" is unchecked.

Step 5. Click Submit. Go ahead and click Submit... [or Preview] and you're done!

Your blog (or image, etc.) should show up under your homepage profile, but it won't show up under "The Latest."

Try it out and have fun!

Much love,


Albert Wong – January 24, 2007 – 12:25am

You amaze me once again... at how fast you repond to a suggestion or idea. From this end you make it look easy. So now I get to try out this new option. Thanks, S

sh – January 24, 2007 – 7:22am

albert. thank you sooooo much for this! now i can put all the grandbaby pics/videos i want on my page without everyone having to be subjected to them! haha i am stoked. and, as steve said, you make it look easy but i am imagining you had to do a lot of research and work to make it happen. i am aware of constant gratitude toward you and for you, every single day. love.

Dorothy T – January 24, 2007 – 7:50pm

I was wondering how to do this also. Thanks Albert. Love.

Kristy Bliss – February 20, 2007 – 6:50am

I'm interested in co-creation.

Cool that you made it possible for people to upload privately but couldn't they do that anyway many different places sites, webpages, etc. I upload to many sites all the time. Kodak for photos. Tribe for new age images. Here for Esalen and most current events.

To expand the box is where I am coming from.

And not suppressed by people who are use to getting away with suppressing others. (Whether they know it or not).

You Albert are very open. You love all -- this is most laudable. I hope to be like this more and more in my life.

Rob G – February 26, 2007 – 11:51am