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Greetings from the motherland . . . where I ran away to after spending days on the phone trying to get my new drugs.  (evidently they are being shipped today!!! yippee!!)  Anyway - it seems that dear old Peyote, the Gazebo pony and possibly Esalen's longest continuous resident, has been going down hill and the vet is coming to put her to sleep this evening.  Please send your blessings to our dear old friend.  Maintenance is digging her a whole by the little house where she used to graze.  Neil says she's been here since 1978.  What joy she has brought to so many of the little ones.  

much love and many blessings,
natalia rae – March 22, 2007 – 12:41pm

In case you haven't seen this one and are in need of some reason to be grateful . . .

The Sun Magazine November 2005


natalia rae – February 9, 2007 – 8:10am

I find myself today and everyday so very grateful for this virtual space and the very real people that are putting their loving energy into it. My heart and health are obviously the focus and I feel the warm fuzzies directed at me - and imagine the immeasurable boost they give to the healing process. I also envision a much greater ripple of all of this quiet, internal focus. It makes me incredibly happy to just think of all of us dropping out of the 'busy-ness' of life for a few minutes a day and connecting to ourselves and our tribe. It feels subversive . . . and I love it. We are sneaking out from the constant barrage of distractions and 'urgencies' and just feeling something very tangible and real in ourselves. I appreciate the support in my need to feel and be felt, to see and be seen, to hear and be heard.

Daniel Goleman (of Emotional Intelligence fame) had a piece in the New York Times last weekend about scientists who are tying to prove the connection between loving connection and overall health.
Research on the link between relationships and physical health has established that people with rich personal networks — who are married, have close family and friends, are active in social and religious groups — recover more quickly from disease and live longer. But now the emerging field of social neuroscience, the study of how people’s brains entrain as they interact, adds a missing piece to that data.
natalia rae – October 15, 2006 – 6:33am

The tribe is at it again, showing off their incredible ability to rally and organize when the need arises. I have to say I love seeing the dance community coming together like this – I just wish I could find a better way to inspire such acts of kindness and caring. This whole cancer thing is getting old. I guess they are providing me with the stage to do just that. . . and a microphone too! So you are all invited to come on over and join Jewel (a crazy, talented poet, dance teacher and survivor) and I for an evening of inspired movement and creativity. We are sure that you will be surprised by your own strength, flexibility, and brilliant self-expression. Details below.


natalia rae – September 17, 2006 – 6:17pm

Two nights in a row seals have come to me in the dream world. The first night it was not one, not two, but three adorable seals hopping right onto my dock. I was soooo excited in the dream. Last night it was a bunch of seals - joined by some sea lions.

A quick web search reveals the following:

The Seal

Being excellent swimmers they know how to flow with the ever changing currents. If seal pops its head into your life you are being asked to review the ebb and flow of your thoughts and emotions and maintain a point of balance.

Water is a creative element and represents the feminine imagination and intuition. When a seal appears in your life it is a signal to pay close attention to your imagination and insight both in the dreamtime and in the waking state. Much of what your imagining may have, and usually does, a strong basis in reality no matter how far fetched it appears.

Seals do not have external ears, just small openings. This signifies its kinship with their inner voice and can show those with this totem how to listen to the sound within. That sound is a inherent part of ones creative, imaginative powers.

natalia rae – September 15, 2006 – 7:13pm

Some exerpts from:

No doubt about it; this will be a very spiritually demanding Full Moon.

The Sun/Mercury in Virgo and Uranus/Moon in Pisces opposition represents a revolutionary call to bring awareness to the condition of your emotional mind in an effort to uplift all other minds on the planet. Add Mars and Venus in Virgo to the mix, and the mindfulness revolution becomes extended to include attending to the quality of action and relationship. This is the night to commit to right action and right relationship; both of which are rooted in the intention to do no harm.

Pisces is known for its desire to let go of self-identification thereby allowing the soul to merge with its source; pure consciousness. What a finish to the last two weeks of Waxing Moon work on our Virgo commitment issues. This is the night to put into action all of your intentions around better health, healing, facing addictions, and giving of yourself in service to the community. A life lived in sobriety and moderation follows a road that opens one to the disciplined joy of learning to sit with pain and suffering, while learning to open oneself to compassion for that suffering.

natalia rae – September 6, 2006 – 5:30pm
If you really want to feel like you've gone to the meditation house - go to the Santa Cruz Vipassana Center's website and download the cool flash player they have. It lives on your computer and gongs 3 times when you open it, you can set the clock for however long you want to sit, and the gong will sound 3 times when your bliss is over.
It sounds great - and its free.
natalia rae – September 4, 2006 – 2:38pm
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